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They must learn to accept that carrying the weight within doesn't have to be done alone.


Tristan Edwards is clean cut, determined, and organized on the outside, but on the inside he’s falling apart. After years of nonstop travel for work, he’s assigned to open a new branch that could keep him close to home with more job security. But when he learns this coveted position is also up for grabs by another eligible candidate and if Tristan can’t prove his executive position, his dream job may fall into the hands of his dream man.


Kurt Holden is newly divorced, without a home, and in need of a change. When a new position springs up, Kurt jumps at the chance to start over in a new city as a new person. What he isn’t interested in is falling into another relationship, but the more time he spends with Tristan, it becomes impossible to ignore his attraction.


As both men face the decision to choose professional gain or personal desire, Tristan and Kurt must learn to accept that carrying the weight within doesn’t have to be done alone. The only question is if they’re willing to take the risk or stay alone.

The Weight Within : A Collective Novel

  • Signed Paperback

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