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I can't wait for you to see this Cover!
Meanwhile, Enjoy a taste by reading the first 2 

The Wild Within

Still Having Trouble?

How to read any epub book on a Kindle:

  1. Click HERE

How To Download And Add epub Books To Your Kindle

On IPhone + Android


1. Find the epub book in your phone's files or downloads manager.

        - You can search your phone for this

2. Choose the epub file and press the Share option.

         - You may need to hold down the doc for the menu to pop up

3. Select the Kindle app to share your epub.

4. Choose your Kindle device.

5. Tap Send.

*** For IPhone users, the file may automatically open in iBooks so you can just read it there or ignore it and go to your files to find the doc and share/send it to your kindle***

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